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Security Updates of Shared Libraries Without Restarts with KernelCare+

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OpenSSL is a widely targeted attack surface. Organizations in all industries must ensure they are promptly mitigating vulnerabilities to prevent exploitation. For OpenSSL and GNU C (glibc) vulnerabilities, this includes timely updates and patch management. In order to apply security updates without service interruption, live patching for shared libraries is required.

During this short webinar, you will:

  • Learn what KernelCare+ is and how it works
  • Learn how you can save precious resources via automated updates of Linux kernels, glibc and OpenSSL.
  • Get your questions answered live by KernelCare team



Jamie Charleston

Presenter and live Q&A session participant

Senior Sales Engineer, CloudLinux


Mikhail Pobirskiy

Presenter and live Q&A session participant

Product Manager of KernelCare, CloudLinux


Aleksandra Mitroshkina


Product Marketing Manager of KernelCare, CloudLinux

Our goal is to show you how updating shared libraries without restarts with KernelCare+
helps you stay compliant and profitable. KernelCare Team will guide you through the rebootless live patching process for OpenSSL & glibc to maintain best practices for security posture.

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